Emergency Management

Matt Welch, Emergency Management Coordinator

Pennsylvania law and Federal regulations mandate that each municipality have an Emergency Management Coordinator, Emergency Operations Center and an Emergency Operations Plan, along with the required levels of training for local officials and staff. The mission of the Birdsboro Emergency Management Agency is to have a plan for organizing and providing resources to assist the public during any type of natural or manmade disaster.

The Emergency Management Coordinator is appointed by the Governor’s Office and is responsible for managing Birdsboro’s Emergency Management Program during each of the four phases of Emergency Management, which include: response, recovery, preparedness and mitigation planning. The Emergency Management Coordinator is also responsible for:

  • Coordinating training programs and emergency operations drills.
  • Assisting departments with their emergency and mitigation plans.
  • Operating the Emergency Operations Center when necessary to manage the distribution of borough services and resources to respond to and recover from a manmade or natural event of significant impact to the borough.
  • Administering the process for Federal and State reimbursement claims for borough costs during emergency operations.
  • Managing grant funding that is received through various grant programs established under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.