History of Recycling in Birdsboro

In 2003, as required by Act 101 of 1988 (Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act), Borough Council adopted Ordinance No. 374, establishing a mandatory recycling program for Borough residents.

Birdsboro Borough Recycling

Hauler: Hollenbaugh
Phone: 814-643-6950 OR 610-562-7986

Recycling Pick Up Day: Wednesday – Please place recyclables at the curb Tuesday evening.

If a holiday falls ON Wednesday, recyclables will be collected on Thursday.

Acceptable Recyclable ItemsPlastic Containers (#1-#7); Clear, brown, green, and blue, glass jars and bottles; Metal cans; Aluminum beverage cans; Steel cans; Paper and (clean) cardboard; Cardboard boxes; Cereal boxes; Paper towel and toilet paper rolls; Office Paper; Shredded paper; Phonebooks; Soft-cover books; Newspaper (bundled).

Recycling will still be collected weekly on Wednesdays, the same containers may be utilized, and the recycling items accepted will remain the same.  Acceptable Recycling List – Hollenbaugh**


Hollenbaugh Recycling is reporting missed pickups because their drivers are unsure if the items being left out are trash or recycling.

Please make sure that the container you use for recycling is marked as such.

It is fine to use your own container as long as it is obvious that it is recycling and not trash. Borough Hall has free stickers that can be attached to containers with a recycling symbol on them if you would like. Alternatively, we also have green recycle cans here for purchase for $12.

If you choose to use a trash bag to hold recyclables, please make sure it is see-through, so the drivers know it is for them to collect.

Any questions on whether your container will suffice please reach out to 610-562-7986, Hollenbaugh Trash and Recycling. Thank you!


Yard Waste Drop Off:

Site Location: 300A Armorcast Rd

Drop Off Day: Monday through Friday 7am-2pm, and the 1st Saturday of the month, year round.

Acceptable Yard Waste Items:

Branches (note regulations below), grass cuttings, leaves, twigs, etc.


Branches shall be no larger than 6″ in diameter and 4′ long.

Firewood, stumps, dirt, and/or rocks are not acceptable.

Bags containing trash/refuse are not acceptable.


Commercial Recycling:

The Borough of Birdsboro Ordinance 374, adopted in accordance with the stipulation set forth in the Commonwealth of PA State Act 101, requires commercial establishments to establish and maintain private recycling programs. The ordinance/act further requires annual reporting of recyclables collected during the prior year.

Private recycling programs must include as minimum aluminum cans, corrugated paper, and high-grade office paper.


Your cooperation in these matters are greatly appreciated.

Birdsboro Borough – We Recycle!