History of Recycling in Birdsboro

In 2003, as required by Act 101 of 1988 (Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act), Borough Council adopted Ordinance No. 374, establishing a mandatory recycling program for Borough residents.

Borough Disposal Information

202 East Main Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508
Phone: 610.582.6030
Fax: 610.582.6039

Recycling Pick Up Day is Wednesday – Please place recyclables at the curb Tuesday evening

Residential RecyclingRecycling Brochure

Commercial Recycling:  The Borough of Birdsboro Ordinance 374 requires a mandatory recycling program throughout the borough.  The Borough has established recycling requirements for all properties in the Borough of Birdsboro.  It shall be the duty of every property owner in the Borough wherein recyclables are generated and/or accumulated to provide for the collection, removal and disposal of such recyclables in accordance with the provisions of PA State Act 101.

Those properties in the borough not receiving municipal recycling collection service including, but not limited to, large apartment and condominium type properties, large commercial and industrial properties and institutional properties shall establish and maintain their own private recycling programs in accordance with the provisions of this Part and Act 101.  All such properties shall submit periodic reports regarding their recycling programs and providing information as requested by the Borough.

Acceptable Recycling Materials include:

Aluminum Cans, Newspapers, Bimetallic Cans, Corrugate Paper, Glass Containers (clear, green and/or brown), High Grade Office Paper, Plastic Containers, Steel Cans, PET Plastics, HDPE Plastics.

Please note private recycling programs must include, as a minimum, aluminum cans, corrugated paper and high grade office paper.  Further information can be obtained by contacting Birdsboro Borough Hall.  Please call 610-582-6030 should you require further assistance.

Yard Waste: The Borough of Birdsboro offers the service of a yard waste program to its residents.  Yard Waste material is considered to be grass cuttings, leaves, twigs and the like.  The yard waste service is provided year round for drop off.  All yard waste must  be in a biodegradable paper yard waste bag.  Branches cannot be larger than 6″ in diameter and again no longer than 4′ in length.  There is  a limit of 10 bundles per drop off.  Biodegradable bags are sold at home improvement centers.  The yard waste bags may not exceed over forty (40) pounds in weight.  Firewood, stumps, dirt or rocks are not considered to be yard waste.  Never use plastic bags to package yard waste.  You are required to sue the waste bags only.  Never mix trash/refuse with yard waste.

Your cooperation in these matters are greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Borough Hall.  Thank you.