In November of 2022, Western Berks Ambulance advised Borough Council that, due to many factors
relating to the funding of emergency providers nationwide, they would not be able to provide service
to the residents of Birdsboro at a reasonable rate.

Borough Council immediately took action to set up an ad-hoc committee to investigate alternative
service. Based on the committee’s recommendation, Borough Council ultimately engaged Tower
Health Services to provide emergency medical service to the residents of Birdsboro.

The changeover in ambulance service will commence on February 15, 2023. The fee per
household is $45, however in 2023 residents will pay only $30 with the remaining $15 absorbed by
the Borough. All residents of the Borough will continue to receive ambulance service without
incurring a charge for any fees not fully covered by their respective insurance providers. Any
questions regarding this change may be directed to the Borough office at 610-582-6030.

Birdsboro Council wishes to express their gratitude to Western Berks Ambulance for the exceptional
service that have provided over the last 2 years and to welcome Tower Health Services to the
Birdsboro community.